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About the Maryland Lottery

In 1973, the Maryland Lottery kicked off its ticket sales, following its establishment through a public vote.

Over the years, it has introduced numerous sought-after games and celebrated significant wins within the state. Notably, in 2012, a group of three lottery participants secured a staggering Mega Millions jackpot of $656 million.

One distinguishing feature of Maryland is its provision for lottery winners to keep their identity concealed. The lottery's revenue channels support for sectors like public health and safety, education, human services, and environmental programs across the state. The cumulative payout, both in terms of prizes and contributions to the state's endeavors, has reached billions.

  • What's the timeframe to claim my lottery prize?

    You're given a period of 182 days from the drawing date to retrieve your lottery winnings.
  • Am I able to keep my identity confidential upon winning a lottery prize?

    Absolutely. Winners in the state can choose to withhold their identity. While the Maryland Lottery doesn't publicize a winner's image or name without their permission, they do encourage those who clinch jackpots to join in celebratory photo sessions for media coverage.
  • How are the proceeds from the Maryland Lottery utilized?

    The revenue accrued from the Maryland Lottery is directed to the state's general fund. This fund plays a crucial role in supporting public education, health and safety services, and various other state initiatives and programs.
  • What's the age requirement to participate in the Maryland lottery?

    Individuals need to be at least 18 years of age to buy and claim lottery tickets in Maryland.
  • Is it possible to acquire tickets via mail, phone, or online platforms?

    Certainly. Subscriptions for games like Cash4Life, Multi-Match, Mega Millions, and Powerball can be bought online.
  • Which lottery games are available for play in Maryland?

    In Maryland, players have the option of participating in games such as Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Cash4Life, Mega Millions, Multi-Match, Powerball, and Bonus Match 5.
  • Do Maryland Lottery winnings incur taxes?

    Yes, winnings from the Maryland Lottery are liable to both state and federal income taxations. For a comprehensive breakdown, kindly refer to the Tax Information segment.
  • Is it possible to purchase lottery tickets ahead of time?

    Indeed, you have the option to buy tickets for several successive draws. For further specifics, please refer to our Advanced Draws segment.
  • How should I proceed if my ticket gets lost, is stolen, or becomes damaged?

    The Maryland Lottery does not hold accountability for tickets that are lost, taken, or damaged. It's advisable to sign the back of your ticket and ensure its safekeeping. Without your signature, anyone who finds your winning ticket might be able to claim the winnings.

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